The Living Brings 1940s Prefab Design From the Dead

As discussed in this article, Charlotte Perriand was a designer who saw many of her designs massed produced during her lifetime, not only in her country of origin but around the world. However, there were many designs which were not. In fact, there were entire notebooks full of designs that few people knew about.

Perriand’s daughter, Pernette Martin-Barsac, would eventually uncover these plans and breath them back to life, the dwelling, known as Refuge Teonneau. It was designed for the period of World Wall II and was made to be easily assembled.

The dodecahedral capsule was designed to be assembled in a mere four days. It had enough space for six sleepers, alongside a kitchen nook, storage and map table. Pernette and Cassina, an Italian furniture manufacturer, decided to bring the project back to life and that they did. It debuted this year at the Milan Furniture Fair.

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