High End Prefab Homes in Toronto: Will They Catch On?

In the past, prefabricated homes were primarily for buyers on the lower end (in terms of price) of the housing market.

They were designed for buyers in the market for lower cost homes.

That is slowly changing as discussed in this article from The Globe and Mail.

As more and more architects and designers are joining the movement and designing high-end houses with high-end amenities, the market for more expensive prefab homes is beginning to take root and according to some experts, may be a big part of the future of prefabricated homes.

Nexterra Green Homes Ltd. is a an example of high-end, meeting prefabricated, modular housing.

The company’s three-bedroom dwelling in New York is turning heads.

It is 2,132 square feet and comes with high-end fixtures and amenities.

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