Connect Homes Enters Cyberspace with the Aim of Changing Prefab Housing

Connect Homes has made its cyberspace debut, as discussed in this article at

The website is the brainchild of two prefab veterans, Gordon Scott and Jared Levy.

The aim is to “deliver modern homes that are affordable, green and available wherever you are.”

As mentioned above, Gordon Scott, along with Jared Levy, are the two men responsible for the website. Both men used to work for Marmol Radziner Prefab.

Individuals that are interested in prefab houses but who are concerned with the related transportation costs, should consider working with Connect Homes.

All of their homes are made with standard intermodal framework, which helps prefab buyers save on transportation costs.

While this may not be reason enough to purchase a modular home, it is a great selling point for those already interested in purchasing a prefab home.

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