Backyard Office Pre-fab Designs You’ll Love

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a home office but wished that they could have a little more privacy and autonomy may want to consider a prefabricated backyard office.

As discussed in a recent LA Times article, these small spaces will give business/home owners the space they need to set up their home office while also providing them with a bit separateness that isn’t possible with traditional, in-home office does.

It’s close enough to conveniently get to (there will never be a commute) but it is separate from the home, which makes is easier to differentiate business life from home life, which can sometimes be a struggle when an office is located in one’s home.

There are a number of prefabricated backyard office designs to choose from.  The Kith use modernist mini-manse, Verana (DIY) from Summerwood and the British OfficePod are just a few.

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