Monthly Archives: August 2012

Prefabricated Log Home Construction

Here’s the chance for anyone who has every wanted to see the construction of a prefabricated log home, to do so. This video features clips of a Cozy Cabin LLC home, the Mountaineer Deluxe model, being built in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. … Continue reading

Simpatico Homes Featured on SmartPlanet

In this video, the founder of Simpatico Homes, Seth Krubiner, hands out on SmartPlanet. He is being interviewed about his company’s modular housing units, particularly, their up-to-date designs, construction and emphasis on environmentally friendliness. Anyone who has ever wanted to … Continue reading

Log Cabin Drop Off and Assembly

Watch as a Cozy Cabin log cabin is delivered and assembled on-site. It is easier than ever to have a log cabin built. It doesn’t require months of labor. An attractive, high-quality, log cabin can be assembled in just a … Continue reading

Johannesburg Container Housing: Will it Take Off?

Architects in Johannesburg are experimenting with container housing in Johannesburg. This proposed experimentation was first met with a wave of disapproval. Local residents were initially concerned about how the housing units would affect the local housing marketing, particularly, re-sell values. … Continue reading

Building a Shipping Container Home: Follow These Tips

When having a shipping container home constructed, it is important to know what to do and what not to do, as discussed in this recent news article. Because knowing the aforementioned will probably be difficult for people who’ve never had … Continue reading

Cozy Shipping / Cargo Container Retreats

One couple has decided to utilize cargo containers in a way that few people have. They have opted to have a home built from cargo containers, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, no less. The Santa Cruz Mountains are a haven … Continue reading

Pre-fab Homes Designed by Svenskhomes

If you’ve never seen a pre-fabricated home, this is your chance. This video is of a Svenskhomes home, being built over a period of three days. Pre-fab homes just may be the future of home building. They offer an alternative … Continue reading