Monthly Archives: July 2012

Choosing the Green Path: Architect Designs Own Green Home

As discussed in the Ottowa Citizen, Princeton educated architect, Michelle Kaufman’s professional life was coming along quite nicely. She owned a thriving mod-housing business. The collapse of the U.S. housing market would soon change all of that. She was forced … Continue reading

Assembly of a Modscape Home

In this video, you’ll get to see a modscape home being built. Most of the process has been caught on film, from the crane picking up each portion of the home and putting it in place to the actual assembly … Continue reading

Green Architects and Designers are Changing the Face of Modular Housing

Green architects are looking to change the face of modular housing. Gone are the days of boring and basic modular design (though you can still certainly find such homes). In their place, as discussed here, green architects and designers are … Continue reading

Top-of-The-Line Modular Homes by Ritz-Craft

Ritz Craft manufactures a line of high-end modular homes. These homes are so well done, with such impressive amenities that it would be difficult for the average person to tell the difference between one of the company’s modular homes and … Continue reading

The Living Brings 1940s Prefab Design From the Dead

As discussed in this article, Charlotte Perriand was a designer who saw many of her designs massed produced during her lifetime, not only in her country of origin but around the world. However, there were many designs which were not. … Continue reading

Emergency Housing: Off Grid and Mail Order

It is possible to live off the grid, in a home that is mail-ordered and shipped directly to whatever site a home owner designates. As discussed in this recent article, House Arc is the one of the latest in what … Continue reading

Blu Homes for Those Who Prefer Eco-Friendly Housing

In this video, watch as Blu Homes builds a home that is eco-friendly. As greater concern is being shown for the environment, some home manufacturing companies such as Blu Homes are taking the hint and manufacturing homes that are eco-friendly. … Continue reading

Easily Transportable Modular Homes

Today’s modular housing is much more flexible, in terms of transportability, then in the past, as recently discussed in this article. Many companies are committed to improve the aforementioned. One of the biggest drawbacks of modular housing is the cost … Continue reading

Housing of the Future: Prefab, Green and Efficient

There is a growing belief that housing will be much different in the future than it is today. Many propose that soon, the days of large, energy-inefficient housing, will be on the decline. In their place will be smaller homes … Continue reading

You’ve Probably Never Seen This Before. A Foldable Home!

This is a pretty amazing house. It essentially folds in onto itself and then is expanded into real home whenever a person needs it. For the homeowner, there is not assembly required, simply unfold the house and then fold it … Continue reading