Monthly Archives: April 2012

Portable Cube Prefabricated Homes

These portable cube prefabricated homes aren’t big. In fact, they are small, very small. While they won’t be a good option for someone looking for a palatial home, they are perfect for someone who wants a small house. This particular … Continue reading

Greenfab: Six Hour Modular Home Installation

If you are interested in a green, prefab home but have never seen one, here’s your chance. This particular home was built with the environment in mind. This home was built somewhere else and then transported to the final site. … Continue reading

Dome Prefab Shelters

In this video, you’ll have the opportunity to get a good look at FRP fiberglass domes. These prefab shelters are easy to set up and ready to move into. Individuals interested in micro-shelters might find these domes ideal. They are … Continue reading

Modular Home Assembly and Installation

This video is a time lapse of a modular home being assembled. This particular home is Energy Star qualified and located in Maryland. In all, there were 4 modules assembled by a 12-man crew. This is an Energy Star 2980SF … Continue reading

Off-Grid Systems In Prefab Home

This home is still in the works. In this video, you will get a glimpse of this home’s off-the-grid energy system. If you are interested in going off of the grid, then you’ll want to watch this video. It will … Continue reading

Irontown Homes Builds a Mod House from Scratch

Here is your chance to watch a mod home being built from start to finish. The home in this video was built by Irontown Homes. Toby Long Designs and Clever Homes were responsible for the design. This particular home is … Continue reading

Green Housing Options: Prefab Homes

This video is of an Oroville (California) factory which builds prefab homes that utilize green technology. Michael Kanellos of CNET News is the host. Green, prefab homes are increasingly become in demand. As more and more people grow tired of … Continue reading