Monthly Archives: March 2012

Modular Housing Trends

Increasingly, home builders are adopting new methods to build homes. Many are beginning to use non-traditional building methods, for instance, modular housing. In this video, we will discuss modular housing trends. Many people have no idea that each year, 40,000 … Continue reading

Is Modular Housing as Durable and Strong as Traditional Housing?

For whatever reason, some people worry about whether or not modular housing is strong and durable enough. Collapse and the inability to stand up to normal wear and tear, not to mention the elements, are what many people associate with … Continue reading

ICI Modular Housing Technology

In this video, you’ll learn all about ICI, a company that works in the thermoplastics industry. The company utilizes their mod-building technology to help individuals build mod houses. Mod houses are increasing in popularity. They tend to be less expensive … Continue reading

US Housing Market Winners and Losers

It’s no secret that the housing market has taken a huge hit. At one time, it was the one of the few industries the U.S. could hang its hat on. For the most part, that has since changed. There are … Continue reading

H-Haus Prefab Home

The home in this video was built in 14 hours by the Universal Homes in Cleveland and Energy Wise Building Systems. This house representatives the future. Homes will not only be built for aesthetic appeal but also in such a … Continue reading

Lindal Cedar Homes Launches Prefab Lindal Architects Collaborative

According to an article at, Lindal Cedar Homes recently launched Lindal Architects Collaborative, of a collection of prefab homes designed by some of the best architects in the world. These prefabs are sure to be different from any prefab … Continue reading

PODhouse News Article

As discussed recently at, the PODhouse, designed by ROB GmbH, a design firm based in Switzerland, is a prefab micro home or shelter. It’s small but quite nice and very attractive. The shelter pod would be perfect for on … Continue reading

Modular Home Set 6 Hour Construction

Take a look at this AMB modular home set. It was built with the help of Simpatico Homes just a few years ago. This modular home only took a few hours to build, in fact, a little over 6 hours. … Continue reading

The PODhouse Makes its Debut

The PODhouse is one of the more recent creations by Robust Outdoor Brands (ROB Gmb H) a Swiss design firm known for the Cuebe, a portable kitchen unit. The PODhouse is a small prefabricated module which doubles as a micro … Continue reading

Time Lapse Video of Prefab Home Construction

This is a time-lapse video of the assembly of a prefab home. The sections, which have already been manufactured off-site are being assembled and set on the home’s foundation. The entire process is extremely short, especially when compared with traditionally … Continue reading