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Mod-Home Building: The Process

If you have ever expressed any interest in mod homes and/or wanted to see one in the process of being built, you will want to check out this video. It includes pictures of several such homes. Some of them are … Continue reading

NAHB Building Systems Council Award Winner for Modular Homes

This home will erase all of the misconceptions you’ve ever had about modular homes. Modular homes don’t have to be unattractive or cheap looking. Instead, as you can see in this video, it is possible to build a modular home … Continue reading

The Movement Toward Micro-Homes

In this video, you’ll learn all about the book  “Tiny Home:Simple Shelter/Scaling Back in the 21st Century.” Written by Lloyd Kahn, it discusses the movement towards not just smaller homes, but micro homes. The need for such homes stems from … Continue reading Environmentally Friendly Prefab Homes

A recent article at discussed the fact that being environmentally conscious is becoming much more common than it used to be. Everywhere, people are doing their part. Recently, various industries have opted to do the same. Numerous industries are … Continue reading

Prefab Homes Gaining in Popularity and Architectural Prestige

As referenced in a recent article in the, prefab homes aren’t what they used to be. At one time, prefab homes all pretty much looked the same. There were pretty unattractive and very simple. Since then, there has been … Continue reading

Young Professionals Opting for Prefab Homes

As discussed in a recent article in Mainline Media News, young professional couples and families are choosing prefab homes in growing numbers. This demographic is discovering that these homes offer benefits, which aren’t as readily available in traditionally built or … Continue reading

Customized, 3-D Prefab Home Plans

Blu Homes is making available an advanced technology, sure to change the face of prefab homes. Blu home’s 3-D technology gives customers the chance to design their own homes. Once they have done so, the corresponding 3-D plans are sent … Continue reading

DIY Home Building Kits

Have you ever wished that you could build your own home but feared that it would be too difficult? Unless you are a carpenter, chances are, the thought of building a house from the ground-up, with your own hands is … Continue reading

WSJ: The Modern Kit Home

The kit home has just been updated, in a major way, as discussed in an article recently in the Wall Street Journal. Kit homes were at one time sold via Sears’ catalogs. A Mr. Charlie Kamps of Pennsylvania is making … Continue reading

Ideabox: Small in Size Big in Efficiency

Things will be looking a little different in Eugene, Oregon. A Salem-based company, Ideabox, will be creating a neighborhood made up of mini homes, per a recent article at There will be five in all. They will range in … Continue reading