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What is Prefabrication?

We talk about ‘prefab homes’ a lot on this blog, but what actually is ‘prefabrication’? Prefabrication involves a two part building process. A structure is built fully or partially at one location and then transported to another, where it is … Continue reading

Disadvantages of Prefabrication

We recently discussed some of the advantages associated with prefabricated structures. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the perceived disadvantages. a. Building a pre-fabricated home will require a great deal of skill and care. Workers must be very careful … Continue reading

Restaurants in Shipping Containers – Prefabricated Buildings

Following up a recent post on a Starbucks location being built predominantly in recycled shipping containers, and a temporary grocery store using the same type of containers, this post discusses some restaurants being built around shipping containers. Based in San … Continue reading

Panelized Mini Cabins and Home Kits

If you are looking for a panelized home and building kits, consider working with Landmark Home and Land Company. Around since 1993, the company handles the entire building process, from start to finish. In addition to drawing up the plans, … Continue reading

Advantages of Prefabrication

Prefabrication involves the assembly of a vehicle, aircraft, machinery or structure of some type, in totality or at least in part, at a centralized site — for the most part, we’re referring to homes that are prefabricated on this site. … Continue reading

Practical Steps In The Home Construction Process

When you plan to construct a new custom home, the experience can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, but it’s always exciting. There will be many important factors to consider when you will be choosing the location, picking a builder, selecting … Continue reading

Picking Reliable Mortgage Brokers

When you are out there searching for a new home to buy, things can get pretty overwhelming, especially when you also have to find a reliable mortgage broker. This is indeed a vital step in the entire process — getting … Continue reading

Grocery Stores in Prefab Buildings — Shipping Containers

Following up on a recent post about a new Starbucks location being constructed with shipping containers and other recycled materials, here is news of another type of retail location utilizing shipping containers — this time a temporary grocery store. These … Continue reading

Buying Your First Home – Things to Keep In Mind

Things usually get pretty overwhelming for people who are buying their first home. The process can be quite daunting but with some general knowledge and tips you can easily get your first home without making any mistakes. Prior to doing … Continue reading

Starbucks in Prefab Buildings — Shipping Containers

There have been a couple popular articles out recently about Starbucks opening a location in former shipping containers. No, these aren’t ‘prefab homes‘ that we normally talk about here, but they are a version of prefab buildings, and these shipping … Continue reading