Monthly Archives: October 2011

Los Angeles Prefabricated Home Example

Brought to you buy Natural Home Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Robyn Briggs Lawrence travels to Santa Monica for a tour of the home of Steve Glenn, CEO and founder of Living Homes. Each module for this prefabricated home was built in a … Continue reading

Kansas City Prefab Home Example

Prefab homes cater to the discriminating few and you’ll see why as you take a tour of one of the most magnificent prefab homes in Kansas City. Natural Magazine editor in chief Robyn Griggs Lawrence walks you through an eco … Continue reading

Building Modular Prefab Homes – Video

Prefab houses like the one shown in this video will never let your down when it comes to green solutions. Custom modern prefab designs leave a very small eco-footprint. Waste is reduced drastically since each module is factory built and … Continue reading

Prefab Commercial Buildings

It’s not just prefab homes that are gaining in popularity and recognition —- commercial buildings of all sizes are also becoming more prevalent in the prefab movement. A recently published article at National Real Estate Investor discusses this trend, with … Continue reading

Prefab Houses and Panelized Construction

The panelized home featured in this video clip is created and designed with your needs and budget in mind. Contractors, architects and home builders are leaning more and more toward prefabricated, panelized homes because they are an affordable, time saving … Continue reading

Building a Modular House That Fits Your Budget

Building a modular home gives you the opportunity to live the dream in a house you can be proud of. While watching this video you will see that there are numerous advantages to modular building. From tighter quality control and … Continue reading

Video Tour of Zero Energy Prefab House

Enjoy this tour of a modern prefab home that has an energy efficient passive solar design. See how easy it is to save on construction costs since less time, labor, and manpower is needed to assemble the home. There are … Continue reading