Monthly Archives: September 2011

Saving Money on a Modular Home

If you are not sure about the stability or value of modular homes, then working with modular home builders like ZN will help to cure your uneasiness. In this video you see how one home saved nearly $100,000 on his … Continue reading

Prefab Modular 2 Story Home Video

Palm Harbor is one of the premier builders of prefab modular homes. While watching this video you see how builders install a factory built modular 2 story home. The entire process is less expensive than stick built homes, provides you … Continue reading

Modular Impermanent Building Systems

Southeast Asian company BLOC, INC. produces universally designed, patented and customizable MIBS Prefab or modular impermanent building systems. Each home is environmentally friendly and affordable.  Expect lower monthly energy bills and a ready made space perfect for living. You have … Continue reading

You’ll Beam With Pride Choosing the Cheyenne Cabin Kit

If you are a fan of the Wild West then the Cheyenne Cabin kit will be an obvious choice for you. The look and style is striking and you have just enough freedom to add accents and decorations to give … Continue reading

What it Takes to Build a House in One Day

Even when the weather is less favorable, a Bungalow in a Box can be set up in less than three days. When weather conditions cooperate, these homes can be finished in one day. The houses are small and consist of … Continue reading

Prefab Modular Homes Video

This sophisticated modular home design uses MHS technology which is basically a Patented Truer Modular Aluminum Building System. It has an original design with a revolutionary and innovative construction methodology that promises a life time of durability and safety. If … Continue reading

Prefabricated Housing by Alchemy Architects

The prefabricated housing industry has begun to thrive in recent years. Take into account this video on the weeHouse. Alchemy Architects offer homeowners a distinctive hands-on approach and a playful design that uses specific sustainable practices and recycled materials. Some … Continue reading